Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Yvonne reboot, day 2

I didn't really want to go down the 3D / three-quarter road, but I'm going to try everything I can think of during this experiment.

There's something I still really love about sharpening a real pencil and taking it to a fresh sheet of paper.

I'm using a few ideas suggested by a Craftsy tutor (and her method of drawing 'picturebook' style animals). One is covering a big sheet with lots of variations on an idea (even if you try and make them the same, you still end up with a wide variation). You can also try various expressions, types of eyes etc. (a sheet of tracing paper over the top helps you to try various mouths, eyebrows etc on the same face.)

This is the one I ended up with. I love the floppy ears (I wouldn't have thought of it but saw them on a reference photo). She looks a bit younger and prettier than I've always envisioned Yvonne but hey.
You're right, I've totally copped out of thinking about the legs and feet today.


  1. Those are the ears I'd have gone with too, but I prefer the nose from no.8 (sort of half moon shape)

    I think that nose looks too canine.

    Like the eye lashes, but it feels a bit odd making a sheep look sexy - LOL

  2. that is definitely a route to be avoided :-)
    You're right about the doggy-type nose, that's not right, and the half-moon type thing looks much more sheepy.