Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The best drinking pun, bar none.

"No, I won't put it on your bill, said the barman."

I've been drawing and posting every day; while I'm feeling the enthusiasm I'm going with it.

I've said for a long time that I won't get involved with puns. I think it was this song that got this particular pun into my head, and I've been enjoying drawing Crow recently in various poses and expressions. (I've gradually twigged that the secret is not to be afraid of exaggeration. Not something Uncle Zap's had any trouble with but it takes some courage for me to make eyes or a beak a bit bigger.)

In mitigation, this isn't really about the pun, but the way Crow's toying with Maureen.

1 comment :

  1. I like it, it's a good gag, the expressions are right, and I like the way the crow's wing turns into a hand.

    If I was going to be critical I'd fall into Father Dougal's trap and say the crow looks too big. I think it's because the shadows casting too close.

    What I'd do is have him sitting on a fence post instead.