Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Reboot - days 7 and 9

 I'm kinda liking the legs and hooves here, nice and chunky. The sheep looks a bit like another commercial design I've seen around but the similarity was really subconscious, I didn't really use anything for reference while I was drawing it. The idea of the face in the sun is nicked from one of my favourite comics.

Here is one I really like. Needs some work in certain areas but I love the look of it. Nice and friendly, the drawing is fairly smooth and geometric, which I like, there's plenty of room for expression with the eyes and mouth. Crow finally gets an eye. I wish I had more time tonight, I would have done a bit of work on his beak, made him a bit more cartoon-like to match this sheep.


  1. There are a number of reference points I could mention for the top frame. Most of these are UK only like:-
    - Nora Batty's stockings
    - Teletubbies sun

    I favour the second one, although I can't decide if those feet are from Goober and the Ghost Chasers, or from a child's catapillar. I think I prefer the simple curved background too.

  2. I did like the first one when I'd done it, but after I'd done the second one it looks really poor.

    The sun - I didn't really have that one in mind (in my head, the TT sun is a real baby's face framed by a sun) but the way Carlos G does it in My Pet Succubus. Having said that, I spent a long time checking back and couldn't find one, so I either imagined it or he hasn't done it many times.

    I'm really excited about the second one. There are some things I need to work on, like the feet, but the general look is close to what I'm after. If nothing else, the background is a keeper, I really like that.

    I think part of the reason the face works so well is that (for the first time ever) I used the symmetry tool. It's perfectly symmetrical which no face I've ever drawn before has been. And we're pre-programmed to like symmetrical faces.

  3. Love the ears - the face has a very child friendly feel about it, and the symmetry does make a difference. There's some strong psychology that goes along with faces. We even see them where they aren't!!