Thursday, 17 November 2016

Throwback Thursday - comparison one year on

 This is the second 'throwback Thursday'. I've gone to the very first cartoon, the one that started it all. I was then using pen and paper and scanning that in. They were originally deliberately crude in style (that's my story). They look so different now.

 The style has become more refined. I've experimented with more detail and some colour, but I really like the "cloud on two sticks" style that I started with and don't want to let that go.

 This has a surreal aspect to it (mixing sheepy things and human things for an absurd result) that I really liked, but haven't always kept sight of.


  1. Your focus has changed, back then it was all about getting something quick and easy down on paper, and then onto the website with minimal fuss.

    The sheep are looking very polished now, and you have the benefit of a back catalogue to take images from or use as reference. That's a huge advantage.

    I like the new style sheep, the old ones look like they went to bed with wet hair.

  2. You're right. In fact didn't I used to argue that I didn't want to spend any time on the drawing, not so important as the joke?

    Bed with wet hair - that has potential (remember the 'day after the gale' when their wool is all blown to one side?)

  3. Very true, and your view was quite influential on my own choice of cartoon and style, although I might have often broken your simplistic rules from time to time. Without Yvonne there would have been no Area 5.1!

    It's good to see that ultimately my own view won out, you did start to really care about the drawing to the extent that it gained equal importance to the joke. After all, somebody is far more likely to read your story if the handwriting is neat!.. and I think you've just gotten bitten by the drawing bug now where good enough has had to step aside for "as good as you can get it".

    If that doesnt make you an artist, I don't know what does!!!!!!!