Monday, 28 November 2016

In the very first post on this blog, Ricks spoke about shadows, but despite that, for a year my sheep have floated in the air.

At various times I've tried various ways to add a shadow and put their feet on the ground. But nothing's really worked, especially when they had no hooves.

The other day I tried this and quite like it:

It's very subtle but it's meant to be. Hopefully no-one will notice it, but it'll just indicate subconsciously that they girls are firmly planted on the grass.

Does it work? Does it highlight the fact that they only have two legs, and look a bit odd for that reason? Does it look odd that there's a shadow there but nowhere else?


  1. That looks really good!!

    For a long time (for me at least) your sheep appeared to be standing in long grass. Then they gained feet, the field became flat and the sheep potentially floated!

    I think you've nailed it - it's subtle and upon inspection it looks right.

  2. Thanks Rick, that's really reassuring! I'll start to do that right away.