Saturday, 26 December 2015

First cartoon idea with alien

I drew a whole frame featuring an alien and I went for a new idea - tentacled squid. The helmet (and the flying saucer) indicate that it's an alien rather than a squid.

This is how I scribble them in the book before tracing them in pen


  1. Looks very much like the digital copy you showed me,.. or put it another way it didnt evolve any once you got it into the computer.

    I used pencil and paper to plan, but don't tend to put much effort into the details at this stage.

  2. That's right, I just traced and scanned it. You did give me some feedback but I've not tried re-drawing it yet.

    Also - now that I'm learning how to make much more refined-looking lines, I'm wondering whether to apply that to these cartoons for a more polished result. Or whether the amateurish look actually contributes something?

  3. I think the unpolished style work with Yvonne, but you might want to consider altering the style slightly as you build on your experience.

    Have a go at an "Area 5.1" first and see how you get on with a more polished style.