Sunday, 20 December 2015

Using a handwriting font - important tool or cheat?

This morning I've very reluctantly tried something that was suggested to me a little while ago, and while I've had to compromise on something I felt was an important matter of principle, the improvement is vast.

I've aimed from the start for a 'homespun' look in my cartoons, and part of this is writing the captions by hand. Although they did look untidy and made the whole cartoon look amateurish, in a way this is what I was after. I felt that with time and practice, those captions would become neater.

Typing them feels a little like cheating, as well as giving up on some of the authenticity. But after trying it, I'm in no doubt at all that it's the right thing to do. Here's a comparison:

One major 'pro' is productivity; writing each caption by hand and scanning it is a little tedious, but I'd be prepared to do that if the result was right. Now adding the captions is fast and fun rather than laborious, and making tweaks to the actual text is simple too.

1 comment :

  1. The feel of the font you found is quite similar to your handwriting, but it adds a level of clarity and professionalism. I think it's because it's perfectly straight & horizontal.

    I think it's a good addition, and glad it also speeds things up.

    LOVE IT !!!!