Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Working On List Ideas - Part 1


Today I'm breaking the mould and writing about a cartoon that I haven't finished, in fact I haven't even started drawing. I didnt want it to go out half baked, but I thought it might be interesting to share what I have already.

Sometimes ideas aren't very visual, the challenge then is how to turn it into a cartoon, and this is definitely the case with lists. When I tackled this problem last time (on Area 5.1 - Imprinted Habits) I created a fake magazine page. In the blog entry for it I described the process, but I remember it being a lot of hard work involving generation of additional ideas to fill the rest of the page.

The challenge will be trying to come up with something simpler. This one's intended for FunStreak, and my rule is no more than two hours drawing, ideally less than an hour.

My List

There's a few charity events coming up that promote certain actions for a whole month. The one that's being promoted quite heavily now is "Go Sober for October", but soon there'll be "Movember" too and Facebook will be awash with facial hair selfies.

It's all good stuff, but it got me thinking about what other things could happen for the other months. I started scribbling ideas down on a pad and then eventually I typed them in to notes on my ipad and tried to assign an emoji.

My Monthly Event Ideas

Some of the ideas need work, or replacing. Other's like "Banuary", if I decide to go with it, need a little explanation.

Part Two


  1. This really made me laugh. Some are better than others. Obviously December has high comedy value because of the smut. The obvious one for May is 'May the force be with you' but perhaps something along the same lines. Not sure if you wrote this in order to solicit other ideas but... skeptember (dubious face emoticon :-| - you have to question everything during this month) Go ape in April (dress in monkey suit and eat bananas - banana or monkey emoticon)

  2. In the end I kept it simple, just finding an idea for May that I'm pleased with.

    I'll create a follow-on blog sub