Friday, 29 September 2017

The gravity of the situation

Here's the plan. I know the joke I want to make (they think gravity goes upwards - grass grows upwards, there must be something pulling it in that direction).

I'm not sure whether the apple falling on the ancestor sheep's head adds anything or not. Perhaps it helps with the misdirection - it pre-loads your mind with the fact that Newton saw the apple falling and wondered what made it move in that direction.

Does it work? Posting it here will give you a chance to comment and for me to have another look with fresh eyes tomorrow before I do any work on the drawings.


  1. The flash-back is good, it does an A1 job of establishing the location and flavour of the joke.

    But, I'd avoid using the word "GRAVITY" because it's obvious that it ought to be this from the apple falling on the head. I'd try and think of a punny word related to grass instead. Grazity or something. My thinking being it's funnier if the sheep gets it wrong or describes the force in its own world view.

  2. For me, using something other than 'gravity' would spoil the joke, because then they're talking about some other force they think exists, rather than getting the concept of gravity spectacularly wrong.

    I'll think about that, but the thing that's bothering me most is the very shaky connection between the two frames (The second does stand alone but I do like the first frame). How do we get from the apple to grass. I've said something there about the grass being flattened and springing back up, but that doesn't really sound very convincing. Wondering why the apple was up there in the first place (the tree grew upwards) is much better, but that doesn't link it to grass. (I want to get back to their grass fixation which I used a bit in the early days).

  3. OK, we keep gravity. How about using real theory and twisting it.

    Physics lesson: F= G (M1 M2)/r^2
    "As we see from Isaac Ewton's theory on Gravity; the force upward equals Grass length multiplied by the rate of the Mow, divided by the amount of rain squared"

    Not sure how you link the apple with grass, maybe don't try and explain it!

  4. It's easy if I say "instead she wondered why the apple was up there in the first place" and make the drawing on the board a drawing of a tree growing upwards rather than some grass. And that all sits more comfortably. It's just that it's not using grass which I wanted to do in the first place.

  5. Have you considered perhaps an observation that the grass always seems to grow faster around tomb stones, so perhaps that's gravity it work?