Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Sleeve tattoo

Rick and I were discussing the fact that some single-frame cartoons have a caption which could be perfectly innocent if taken out of context. But the image gives the line a completely new and funny meaning.

We wondered whether this might be a good way to come up with new ideas - listen out for a perfectly innocent line but hear it in a different way.

We decided to use this as a challenge.

Here's my first. I think I heard the line "can you do me a sleeve?" in a list of 'things to say to piss off your tattooist'. I believe a sleeve should develop over time. Asking for a complete one is a sad symptom of our instant-gratification world.

The picture obviously plays on the meaning of 'sleeve'. I could have stuck to the rules of the challenge and drawn something for the caption 'can you do me a sleeve' but I like this slightly developed version better.

The idea seems pretty obvious to me now. I'm sure it must have been done before but I didn't bother Googling to find out, I don't care.


  1. Yeah that made me laugh. It's a simple idea but it works very well. You can instantly see the mistake he made, it's almost like he didnt know what one was either.

  2. Despite the cameo, it's very Observing from the Outside. I think the single frame cartoon is very much more your thing.

  3. cameo?

    Single frame - I've read a lot of Gary Larson and admire him very much. I wish I could get close to being that good.

  4. Cameo: Yes, you put yourself in it (very OFTO). I think we're inspired by lots of good stuff out there, but you can't compare it directly with what you do.

    We've not been going that long, but how much have we improved? I get a lot out of discussing cartoons and then trying to do our own versions. We should do this more!