Sunday, 23 October 2016


I'm particularly pleased with this one, for a number of reasons
- I've managed 3 Yvonnes and an Observing in one week, without spending excessive time, which is a level I'd like to maintain if possible.

- I'm particularly pleased with the joke. Maybe in a self-satisfied kind of way (no activity on Tapastic so far) but that's ok - I'm only in this to please myself.

- I feel that my drawing is becoming a bit more natural. I didn't spend excessive time, producing this whole thing in an hour or two (ok, it may show - parts could certainly be improved) but I want to be able to get good results without too much mucking about, not spending hours agonising over the details.

- I also feel my drawing is coming a little more easily. This time I traced nothing, just called up some reference pictures on one screen, while sketching on another. I couldn't find Batman at the right angle and used my little wooden mannequin and my own hands for the pose.


  1. Excellent..I wouldn't over think captures the slog of today's tech drek. This would also work with a Dick Tracy strip. I don't expect you to know Tracy...many years ago..but ahead of its time.

  2. I'd have liked to have seen you use some black on batman's cape, but it's well drawn in a very 'Observing' style.

    Marty's right, it's a little more Dick Tracy than batman, but I'd have done the same as you. Batman is much more identifiable these days.

    I have a similar watch inspired idea - hopefully it don't take long to draw it up.

  3. It's a really good point, Batman's more known for mechanical gadgets, I don't know why I drew an electronic wrist-mounted device, I really didn't think much about it. I think I was trying to combine my own experience of building home-automation stuff (which tends to work perfectly when you test it and then not when you want to demonstrate it to a friend or actually use it in a real situation) with the observation that Batman's gadgets (vehicles, grappling hook guns, mobile phone radars) all work perfectly every time. I think I particularly had in mind that hijacked mobile network thing in Nolan's Dark Knight.

    I guess it would have been more in-keeping to put a recalcitrant net-launcher or something in there, but arguing with the safety-catch on one of those wouldn't have been as fun as what I've used.

    My biggest fan (and mother) made the funniest comment so far - a line I hadn't really connected with this scenario - "has he tried turning it off and back on again?"