Monday, 13 March 2017

When Inspiration Strikes

Fickle Inspiration

Even the most creative people go through dry patches, life gets in the way and the mind gets filled with mundane things that just have to be done. Other-times you feel like you have space to be creative, but you get the artist's version of writer's block. This might feel really bad when you're trying to keep something like a webcomic moving, but it's best to recognise it for what it is and not be so hard on yourself.

Generally speaking it's hard to make ideas happen, and when you do they can often feel contrived and of low value. But inspiration does strike in many ways, it's just the case of recognising when a good idea comes along and finding a way to use it.

When it Strikes

The other week a lady (let's call her Kate) expressed interest in me on a dating site. I'm not single anymore, but I still checked out her profile from a vanity point of view.

NB. A profile generally contains a little bit about that person and some photos. You'd expect to see pictures of that person, but you'd be surprised how often you find holiday scenes, dogs/cats, inspirational posters or bunches of people which leave you wondering which person you should be looking at. I know blokes are as bad, they pose with freshly caught fish, post photos of their motorbikes, tattoos and many of the things the ladies do.

Anyway the thing that amused me was Kate had posted photos of some cakes fresh from the oven, her dog wearing one of those funnel shaped collars, a couple more of the dog and two less than flattering photos of herself. (I've included the first two below)

Kate's Cakes

Kate's Dog

I don't want to make Kate the butt of a joke, but it did make me feel that there was an idea here that needed to be explored. So I looked around for other ideas, pulled them together for this comic and the final picture was added to make the joke (nobody was actually crazy enough to use a photo like this!!).

Funstreak - You Have a Match

I should state for the record Kate doesn't have a verruca or a drinking problem (as far as I know). She's probably a very nice person who just lacks self confidence.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the peep into the world of online dating and find this blog on inspiration useful. Here's the link to the comic..



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